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Welcome to my training and coaching program. My name is marques Garcia. I am the president and head-coach here at s2fl tri club. I have created a beautiful community of like-minded athletes who thrive on bettering their athletic performance, and find joy and fulfillment in being with a caring and supportive tribe. I am also a triathlete, multiple ironman world championship qualifier for both distances the 70.3 and the full IM. i enjoy competing on all distances and I love to toe the line with my athletes occasionally.  as an endurance sports coach, I custom design each athlete’s training plan from scratch. Each athlete is different, and so they should have a unique training plan to fit their lifestyle, work hours, family circumstances, and most important of all, their physical capabilities and areas of improvement.

My coaching style is based on accountability, communication , and building a connection with each individual athlete.

I am a veteran coach. I have been working with athletes (as a strength coach before triathlon ) for over 20 years and as an endurance coach for over 16 years. That's almost 40 years of experience in health and fitness coaching. my qualifications speak for themselves: 


- Master's Degree in Sports Sciences (with emphasis on corrective training/injury       prevention)


- Certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coach, IMU

-Certified Running Coach, USATF

-Certified Swim Coach, ASCA

- Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist -ACSM

- Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist- NASM

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – NSCA

- Certified PNF Stretch Specialist - ASFA

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What is S2FLTOUGH?

S2FLTOUGH stands for being bold. Mental toughness is harvested, encouraged and fostered in our team environment. Doing triathlons, marathons or any endurance sport events is never easy. Like they say, "if it's easy, then everyone would do it" 

S2FLTOUGH  stands for consistency, accountability, and courage. It takes courage to push through the suffering and discomfort. It takes resilience, inner-strength and never-quitting-attitude.

S2FLTOUGH is an environment of supporting your teammates, fighting till the end, and never giving up.

That's our S2FLTOUGH spirit.


Do you have any questions? You can use the contact form page or email me here: