Welcome New Athletes


How to join: please first fill out the athlete readiness and medical background questionnaire.
Once we receive it, we will contact you to set up a conversation with the coach. Once there's an agreement and you are accepted to be added to the team, please pick one of the following three packages, fill-out the form, then make your membership and first month payment. You will then be contacted by us to set you up for your journey. Thank you and we look forward to making your best athletic and life goals a reality.

The Teammate Package

local/hometown athletes: a one-time $349/year for team membership that renews annually. $249/month for all the coaching services above, in person training with teammates, in-person coaching, permanently uploaded and constantly modified training plan, race prep, selection, race-strategies, and unlimited team and class trainings. Additionally, access to all the team benefits outlined in the services phage. 

 12 months commitment is required upon signing

The Tri Warrior package 

Local/hometown athletes who choose to train alone, but need coaching and training direction. 

$199/month for training and coaching with all the above benefits, but not entitled to team trainings or team benefits. you still get all the above benefits and service, minus team activities and limited access to the coach in person.  12 months commitment is required upon signing. 

The Virtual Athlete Package

International athletes who are tired of following a training plan and who need a coach with all the above benefits, but all the training and the coaching is done virtually and all communication with coach is done through email, the training app, and Skype.