In 7 months he taught me everything I needed to know "

Marques is a solid coach. This guy knows what he's talking about. I signed up for an IRONMAN having never done a triathlon in my life. I was a beginner swimmer and bicyclist, but had run multiple marathons. In 7 months he taught me everything I needed to know to be successful in an IRONMAN140.6. Because of his expert training and knowledge, I not only exceeded my expectations for the race, but I finished strong

"He's a Triathlets' Coach and doesn't possess a huge ego"

Marques has been my coach since January 2017. I am happy to say that he kept me motivated, strong and injury free as I re-enter the sport of Triathlon. He's a great communicator, and I feel I can ask any questions anytime with the knowledge that he will respond promptly and constructively. Marques is also very positive and keeps things light during training sessions. Indeed, he supports me (and his other triathletes I train with) during longer workouts, and provides only positive, constructive feedback. Marques is a Triathletes' coach and doesn't posses a huge ego. I am very happy with his coaching services, and I look forward to racing with him for a long time to come. 

"He teaches patiently and leads by example"

I have had the privilege of being coached by Coach Marques in strength and conditioning turned triathlon for 5 years. Growing up, I played elite soccer through college and have coached youth soccer for the last 13 years. Needless to say, I have worked with many coaches over the years, and Marques stands out.

Coach Marques is able to translate his authentic coaching philosophy across each athlete's unique profile - taking the time and effort to understand individual motivators, lifestyle, goals and abilities. He is a Coach who cares, going well beyond than the extra mile to help his athletes immerse themselves  in their goals - fueling/food, mindset, confidence and attitude, technical skills, race strategy, and a foundation of personal strength that keeps the athlete injury free and "strong to the finishline". 

Coach Marques systematically translates your boldest athletic dreams into steady daily progress. Suddenly you would have crossed that finishline and achieved that big goal you never really thought possible. All the while, Marques teaches patiently and leads by example. Coach Marques took me from zero pull-ups to over 25, from never clipping-in on the bike to climbing the steepest grades in the Swiss Alps for World Championships, from swimming with head above water in my first local triathlon to a confident, (always) improving open-water swimmer. His gift is in the art of coaching, of bringing out the best in everyone he works with. your new-normal will be excellence in action.

"Let's go. This is how it is done!"

Marques' coaching has impacted my life in so many positive ways. As a new triathlete, Marques crafted a training plan for me that mapped to my goals and fit my demanding schedule with family and work. He pinpointed my weak areas and made them strong. He taught me how to be efficient and streamline my every move, including how to fuel. He worked with me through injuries and kept me in the game both mentally and physically. He helped me train my mind....as I push up against my... edge...how to strategically keep going. Marques unlocked a drive within me that needed direction and coaching and I feel so blessed to know him. Training people is his genius...not only is he extremely and educated on sports medicine/physical training, but empowers you with knowledge you can take with you.Marques has also made an amazing impact on our two sons, ages 6 and 10. He trained them in a couple of sports and the boys can't stop talking about him - what a role model for kids on being healthy and giving your best effort! He keeps it real and fun. You're the best, Marques. "Let's go. This is how it's done

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Marques Garcia, IRONMAN Certified Coach.

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