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My goal is to spread this amazing sport so that everyone could afford to train and race. EVERYONE can do triathlon. I will help you in the only way I know how: Coaching you to the finishline. You can join my Tri Team Strong2thefinishline with a full package, or I can coach you solo so you don't need to be in my hometown- you can be anywhere in the world, thanks to the magic of smart apps and communication tech, or you can purchase any of my published training plans on TrainingPeaks and train on your own or add coaching for $99 for the duration of the plan. Take a pick and I am delighted to help you. If you still cannot afford these options, please contact me and I will find a way to help you.

Which Plan Fits you the best?

  • Premium Package-Includes team trainings

    Every month
    *An Annual payment of $449 is required up-front . Look for S2FL Annual Team Membership button below.
    Valid for 12 months
    • An annual payment of $449 is to be made up front to join
    • This package is a monthly payment of $349 plus tax.
    • Unlimited access to coaches through email, text, in-person
    • Unlimited training plans
    • Unlimited team trainings
    • Unlimited training plans modifications
    • Unlimited coaching
    • All Tri Club benefits.
    • Unlimited access to club activities
    • Unlimited swim, bike, run, and strength direct coaching.
    • One on one training sessions are NOT included but available
    • One on one swim, running sessions available for purchase
    • Full access to video library.
  • Standard Package (No Team Trainings)

    Every month
    Monthly payment -Full Coaching & Tri Club Benefits Without Team Trainings
    Valid for 12 months
    • No annual payment on this package.
    • This package is a monthly payment of $249 plus tax
    • No team trainings are included in this package.
    • This package is for fully coached athletes INDIVIDUALLY
    • Great for distant or International athletes.
    • Unlimited coaching & access to coach (virtually)
    • Unlimited training plans
    • Unlimited Training plans modifications and changes
    • Live training plans monitoring and analysis with commentary
    • All S2FL Tri Club Benefits (if desired)
    • One on one Swim & run sessions available for purchase
    • Full access to training video library.
  • Basic-Virtually Coached Package/Solo

    Every month
    Virtual coaching - personalized plan and analysis
    • Purchase any of my published TrainingPeaks plans below
    • I will modify and personalize the plan for it's duration,
    • Get weekly updated modifications.
    • Get 2 emails/month for guidance, trouble shooting & advice.
    • Turn your static plan into a LIVE, dynamic plan.
    • Turn your plan into a COACHED plan.
    • Join my private Facebook group for training discussions.
    • Video Uploads with nutrition, fueling and training guidance
    • This plan ends with the duration of the plan you purchased
    • No Team or Group trainings are included of this plan.
    • No team membership or Tri club benefits of this plan.
    • This plan is virtually coached and not in person
    • This plan does not include any one on one sessions
  • S2FL Annual Team membership/ Once a year

    Valid for 12 months
    • Payment required to join S2FL Full Team Membership
    • Payment is up-front separate from the S2FL monthly payment
    • Unlimited direct coaching .
    • Unlimited training plans.
    • Unlimited training plan modifications, analysis & adjustment
    • Unlimited Tri Team benefits.
    • 12 months commitment.
    • Nutritional guidance for living, training and racing.
    • In-person coaching (during team trainings).
    • Direct-access to coaches on daily basis
    • Strength and Conditioning instruction/program included.
    • Swim, Bike, Run group/team trainings all year round.
    • Bike instruction to improve power-output and speed.
    • Run-specific training drills to improve technique, form, and
    • Private one on one sessions are available if needed.
    • training in a safe environment with teammates.
  • The Executive Package

    Perfect for the busy professional -no annual fees
    Valid for 10 months
    • Unlimited access to coach.
    • Unlimited access to constantly updated training plans
    • Fits into your work/life balance - custom-made
    • Individualized strength, swim, track, or triathlon training
    • One swim session, one strength, one track session included
    • Tailored to YOU- based on work travel schedule
    • One on one stretch/postural corrections available
    • 1-1 Home Visits Strength sessions available (not incuded)
    • 1-1 Stretch/postural corrections available (not included)
  • 4 Sport Specific Strength Trainings

    4 One on one private strength & conditioning custom made for each athlete depending on their sport.
    Valid for one month
    • 4 In person instruction.
    • Includes pre and post training stretch routone
    • Includes a designed program to follow when not session.
    • Tailored to fit each athlete based on their need & sport
    • 24 Hr cancellation policy strictly enforced
    • Payment is up front.
    • Home visits are available for an extra fee .
  • 6 Sport Specific Strength Training

    6 One on one private one on one strength & conditioning sessions
    Valid for one month
    • Custom-made strength training to fit each athlete's needs
  • 8 Sport Specific Strength Trainings

    8 One on one private strength & conditioning custom made for each athlete depending on their sport.
    Valid for one month
    • 3 Athletes Coached Marathon Plan

      Every month
      Special training & coaching package for 3 Team Hayk athletes (Vartan, Slava & Jacob )
      • Track drills
      • Training plan
      • Running fundamentals
      • Real time - in person coaching
      • Training analysis
      • Strength training strategies

    No cancellations. Please ounce you commit to purchasing, there's a commitment that both coach and athlete will agree on date and time of the sessions. 24 Hour cancellation policy is applied. If you do not show up for the session on the date and location agreed upon, you forfeit your session and there's no refund. Time is valuable we are a small business and we appreciate your cooperation.

    Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Packages

    Coach Marques has over 40 years of experience as a strength & conditioning trainer, working with people from all walks of life. His sessions are customized to meet the individual needs of each athlete, whether it's core stability, raw strength, explosive movements, agility, speed, or injury prevention. These sessions are designed to build a strong physical foundation that meets the specific demands of each sport, resulting in improved performance.

    Affordable TrainingPeaks Plans 

    Pick a plan & Add Coaching Option above. 
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