Triple Decker Invitation and waiver


We continue our S2FL tradition by holding these for our athletes and invited PNW guests. . We do these as part of getting our triathletes race-ready and to add a competitive edge. No medals or podiums, but pride and swagger to test fitness level and to practice transitions and prepare in a race-like environment.

Remember, these are self-supported events, so you will have to rely on yourself on safety, nutrition, and equipment/flat-fixes.

Triple Decker details:

Transition and set up: Off Sunset Beach - Lake Sammamish State Park.

OWS- Distance 500 - 600 yards Bring your OWS Buoys.

Bike- ride between 2 distances 12 miles and 22 miles.

Run, 5K and 10K right inside and around the park.

We ask for a $25 donation since it's a lot of work to organize if you have been accepted to participate. This invitation is for our friends and athletes who know the coach and coach has the final say in whom to invite. If you want to join, please fill out the waiver below and we will contact you.