What you will get when you sign up

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We are proud to provide our triathletes with the following team services:


$299 a month: Includes coaching and all services. additional fees apply for team trainings.

Team membership: $349 a year. Renewals $199. Membership includes all services bellow plus regularly scheduled team trainings, including supported open water swims, coached pool swims (additional fees may apply), coached indoor bike rides, coached and supported outside rides,  coached team track sessions, and strength training sessions.

we require a six months renewable agreement to show commitment and readiness to train and race.

Our services:

  • Testing & analysis (Done before you start and periodically)

  • Nutritional guidance for training and racing.

  • One-on-one training and coaching.

  • Strength and Conditioning instruction/program

  • Swim, Bike, Run group training

  • Run-specific training drills to improve technique, form, and speed.

  • Bike instruction to improve power-out-put and speed.

  • Open-water-swim instruction to improve technique and get you out of the water early.

  • Training plans from Sprint distance to full IRONMAN.

  • state of the art app so your training plan is at your fingertip.

  • On-going monitoring, data analysis, and plan modification.

  • On-line coaching for International athletes.

  • Race Selection and season-prep.

  • Gear selection help and season planning for new athletes

  • Priority race sign-ups before races open to the general public (as part of being an officially registered tri club with ironman)

  • training in a safe environment with our strong-finisher athletes. our open water swims and outside rides are supported.

Marques Garcia, IRONMAN Certified Coach.

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