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Ows Clinics


Welcome - if you Are you a new athlete who is looking to improve your open water swim stroke Or an experienced triathlete looking to clean up inefficiencies, get faster and stronger in the open water, Coach                              is proud to host our 2023 Open Water swims . Anyone is welcome, provided you meet the criteria below:

what you will learn:

- improve your speed.

- improve your sighting (to eliminate zigzagging and swimming extra distances)

- improve swim stroke

- improve efficiency 

- improve swimming bilaterally

- improve swimming in crowds.

and much more!

1- able to swim at least 1500 yards in open water.

2- do not suffer from ows phobias or anxieties

3- own an ows buoy

4- wear an orange, yellow or red swim cap

5-wear a wetsuit (at least in may)

6- signed a waiver.

6- paid participant ( no minimum sessions required, pay as you go) 

swim dates: TBD

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