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private swim instruction

We offer this unique program for anyone who's interested in learning to swim properly from a total beginner to advanced athletes. Our swim program is designed to enable swimmers to be comfortable in the water, eliminate phobias, anxieties, inefficiencies, sluggishness and plateau, improve breathing properly, eliminate zigzagging in OWS and focus on swim stroke and efficiency.

Location: Issaquah, WA

Packages options:

1 Session* complete swim analysis (with video and written report) $299

4 Sessions - $150 per session.

6 Sessions - $130 per session.

8 sessions - $120 per session.

10 sessions - $110 per session.

(2 months pool membership required ($120)**

* Session length : 1 hour

** If not interested in this option, pool drop in fee is required.

To sign up, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you shortly


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