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what we offer


We are proud to serve our community of triathletes with the following services:


each athlete in our roster gets these services below. we design training plans from sprint distance to full IM. We include the following for our athletes:

  • Nutritional guidance for living, training and racing.

  • in-person coaching (during team trainings).

  • direct-access to coaches on daily basis

  • Private one on one sessions are available if needed.

  • Strength and Conditioning instruction/program

  • Swim, Bike, Run group training

  • Run-specific training drills to improve technique, form, and speed.

  • Bike instruction to improve power-output and speed.

  • Team Pool training (November to April)

  • Team Open-water-swim instruction to improve technique and get you out of the water early.

  • state of the art app so your training plan is at your fingertip.

  • On-going monitoring, data analysis, and plan modification.

  • On-line coaching for International athletes.

  • Race Selection and season-prep.

  • Gear selection help and season planning for new athletes

  • Priority race sign-ups before races open to the general public (as part of being an officially registered tri club with ironman)

  • training in a safe environment with our strong-finisher athletes. our open water swims and outside rides are supported.

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