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Hello, my name is Marques Garcia. Welcome to my little corner of the world. Before I started my triathlon journey, I was terrified of swimming. in fact, due to a near-drowning incident at an early age, I was literally terrified of entering a swimming pool, even the shallow end.  My journey from overcoming my fear and anxieties of swimming to completing 54 triathlon races in all distances- from Sprint to Full IRONMAN- was not an easy one.

I had to face my worst fears, experienced near drowning episodes in turbulent oceans and lake waters (imagine my previous trauma was compounded ) , and come out of this triumphant with a special love and appreciation for open water swimming in particular, and the sport of triathlon in general. In fact, I have been teaching and coaching these coping mechanisms for many years to veteran and new athletes successfully.  Many years ago, I created this space for athletes who want to benefit from my sports science background as a strength trainer and a sports physiologist turned triathlete. The result is strong2thefinishline, a thriving Tri Club community of like-minded athletes that produced countless athletes.

I am not just a coach, I am also an endurance athlete, a multiple USA Nationals competitor and IRONMAN  World Championships qualifier both in the full distance and the 70.3 distance, have done over 50 triathlons, over 100 marathons, countless half marathons, and countless Ultra running races. At 62, age means no limitations to me. While I acknowledge we are ALL getting older, I don't acknowledge limitations;  I believe that you are as young (or old)  as you choose to be. I enjoy training and racing with my athletes. It keeps me accountable and I can always relate to the suffering and the discomfort that is inevitable in our beautiful sport. 


  • Master's Degree in Sports Sciences (with emphasis on corrective training/injury prevention)


  • Certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coachn

  • Certified Training Peak Coach 

  • Certified Running Coach, USATF

  • Certified Swim Coach, ASCA

  • Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist -ACSM

  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist- NASM

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – NSCA

  • Certified PNF Stretch Specialist - ASFA


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