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Welcome to Marques Garcia Coaching Program.  Marques is a triathlon coach with a passion for helping athletes accomplish their goals and overcome their fears, anxieties, and limitations. With over 60 triathlon races (all distances) under his belt, Marques has a wealth of experience to draw from, including his own journey from being terrified of swimming to becoming an accomplished open water swimmer with years of holding Open Water Swim Clinics to help triathletes become more efficient and faster swimmers. Marques holds a Master's Degree in Sports Sciences and is certified in a variety of coaching and training specialties, including IRONMAN U, , Training Peaks, and many others. Marques is also a  Clinical Exercise Physiologist,  Corrective Exercise Specialist,  and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. His coaching approach stems from years of experience working with elite to age-group athletes and from his own experience as a competitive triathlete. 


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