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My name is Marques Garcia

Welcome to my coaching program. I am a nationally recognized triathlon coach. I have helped thousands of endurance sports athletes, from runners, open water swimmers, and triathletes reach a higher level of performance in all levels and distances. Please check out my program services and products and I am sure I can help you too.

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Our Full Membership* athletes receive these benefits: 

  • Nutritional guidance for living, training and racing.

  • in-person coaching (during team trainings).

  • direct-access to coaches on daily basis.

  • Private one on one sessions are available if needed.

  • Strength and conditioning instructions/program.

  • Swim, Bike, Run group training.

  • Team Track and Run-specific training drills to improve technique, form, and speed.

  • Team Bike instruction (Indoor and outdoors in Spring and summer)  to improve power-output and speed.

  • Team Pool training (Winter months)

  • Team Open Water Swim training

  • Team races - we choose at least 2 IRONMAN70.3 races and several local races a year to race together.


  • Team Bike/Run (bricks) on safe country roads

  • State of the art app so your training plan is at your fingertip.

  • On-going monitoring, data analysis, and plan modification.

  • On-line coaching for International athletes.

  • Race Selection and season-prep.

  • Gear selection help and season planning for new athletes

  • Priority race sign-ups before races open to the general public (as part of being an officially registered Tri Club with IRONMAN)

  • All our team trainings are coached in a safe environment and are supported.

* Full membership is an annual payment of $449 paid upfront at time of sign-up in addition to $349 monthly payment. 

Team Pool fees are excluded and paid separately.

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