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Welcome to s2fl


our program

Training with us is the ultimate experience for athletes who want to be coached in real-time and not just be given a training plan. our program is ALL coached. our training is for life, not just for a race, yet your training plans are specified and structured to fit your life/work balance. We are proud to have simplified the method and structure of our training and racing program so our new athletes can clearly understand and know what to expect.

Off season/foundational phase : (November- April): The focus is on building our athletes foundational elements of strength, endurance and nutrition. The focus is in building a strong base for the next phase which is the racing season.

Method: Most training is done in group/team setting. All athletes will have an individualized training plan designed by the coach and delivered through Final Surge App. Due to the tough weather conditions of winter, most of our swim, bike and strength are done indoors (Team Zwift rides, gym strength and Team Swim) however we do encourage our athletes to run outdoors by creating a structured running program that includes participating in local races (5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 and Full Marathons).


Racing Season phase: (April- October): 

Focus: Once we enter this phase, our athletes have built all the necessary strength, endurance, technical knowledge and built a solid foundation for the new season. Now we move into specific skills, speed training, tactics, and race prep by creating a competitive edge. During the former phase, coach and athlete will have discussed and went over race selection and registration for the next season race(s).

Method: Most training is done is Team/Group setting and all training is done outdoors including team/group OWS, team/group rides and bricks or team/group running with the Coach direct guidance and presence. Each athlete will have an individualized training plan preparing them for their selected races. All training plans are delivered in the Final Surge App. 

Notice that both phases can also be individualized- some athletes train and race all the way into December, so special attention will be given to those so they don’t miss out on building for next year. Takes special coaching skills and experience to prepare all our athletes and we are proud to serve and care for our all our Strong2thefinishline athletes.

our packages

The Teammate Package

local/hometown athletes: a one-time $449/year for team membership that renews annually. $349/month for all the coaching services above, in person training with teammates, in-person coaching, permanently uploaded and constantly modified training plan, race prep, selection, race-strategies, and unlimited team and class trainings. Additionally, access to all the team benefits outlined in the services page. 

 At least a 6 months commitment is required upon signing

The Tri-warrior Package

local athletes who cannot attend team trainings with the option of dropping-in for team trainings.  $199 a month for all the coaching services above, virtual coaching, permanently uploaded and constantly modified training plans, race prep, race-strategies, unlimited access to coach and coaching material, and full access to all the team benefits outlined in the services page. 

 At least a 6 months commitment is required upon signing

coached training plan option 

Coached training plans only.  $99 a month This option allows the athlete to follow an updated and constantly modified training plan without the in-person coaching or interaction with teammates . This is best suited for distant, national and international athletes who want to benefit from Coach Marques' expertise and crush their training and races even from a distance , thanks to technology and the new apps that allows for this. This plan is done through apps and email only. 

what we offer

each athlete in our roster gets these services below. we design training plans from sprint distance to full IM. We include the following for our athletes:

  • Nutritional guidance for living, training and racing.

  • in-person coaching (during team trainings).

  • direct-access to coaches on daily basis

  • Private one on one sessions are available if needed.

  • Strength and Conditioning instruction/program

  • Swim, Bike, Run group training

  • Run-specific training drills to improve technique, form, and speed.

  • Bike instruction to improve power-output and speed.

  • Team Pool training (November to April)

  • Team Open-water-swim instruction to improve technique and get you out of the water early.

  • state of the art app so your training plan is at your fingertip.

  • On-going monitoring, data analysis, and plan modification.

  • On-line coaching for International athletes.

  • Race Selection and season-prep.

  • Gear selection help and season planning for new athletes

  • Priority race sign-ups before races open to the general public (as part of being an officially registered tri club with ironman)

  • training in a safe environment with our strong-finisher athletes. our open water swims and outside rides are supported.


the s2fl spirit

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