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Powerful nutrition is the way to a powerful performance:

Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy, vibrant body that allows us to build strength and fitness which in turn allows us to train and race. With a sound nutritional foundation, the chances for advancement and energy production are greater than for someone who does not have a healthy approach to nutrition.

In triathlon, there’s nutrition and then there’s fueling (for training and racing). We are going to limit this post to nutrition.

To make our nutritional philosophy simple, we divided food into two main categories: a category we strongly suggest and another we discourage: This is the food category we strongly suggest: Whole Foods: ·       Dairy : if you are not allergic : cheese and butter (use in moderation- butter is great to use) ·       Proteins: meat, fish, legumes, eggs and protein, nuts and peanuts, non-dairy milk (almond milk, etc.) and protein supplements. All proteins should be antibiotic and hormone free, preferably organic. ·       Carbs: all veggies (you can eat them raw, steamed, cooked, baked or seared but never fried. Be careful with corn and soy because of GMO.  All fresh fruits.  Dried fruits are okay except those that have added sugar. ·       Fats: olive oils, nuts, peanut butter, coconut oil, butter, avocados, fats from meat and all natural whole food fats. This is the food category for foods we strongly discourage: ·       Sugary foods (candy, sodas, juices (except the natural foods ones with no sugar added) and cakes, apple turn over and the majority of pastries. ·       Processed foods (as in floury foods such as donuts, muffins, noodles, cookies, cakes and the like), breads and pizza (you can eat in moderation) You can use pastas and noodles made from natural sources such as rice, lentil and bean. ·       Excessive alcohol. ·       Fried foods even the ones marketed as healthy. ·       The following fats: margarine, hydrogenated oils, soybean, vegetable, canola, corn, and sunflower oils.

Happy eating😀

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