Believe, but practice deliberately! what seems impossible today will become your new normal tomorrow,

About the coach


 Welcome to my training and coaching program. I have created a beautiful community of like-minded athletes who thrive on bettering themselves, their athletic performance, and find joy and fulfillment in being with a caring and supportive tribe. I am also a triathlete, multiple ironman world championship qualifier and enjoy competing on all distances. I love to toe the line with my athletes and lead the way. as a triathlon and endurance sports coach, I custom design each athlete’s training plan from scratch. Each athlete is different, and so they should have a unique training plan to fit their life-style, work hours, family circumstances, and most important of all, their physical capabilities and areas of improvement.

My coaching style is based on accountability, communications , and building a connection with each individual athlete. I am a caring coach. I am encouraging and positive, but I will demand the very best of you.  if you elect to be coached by me, you will be asked to step up your game.

My athletes are like a second family to me. I treat them with love first, respect second, and I will demand from them to be accountable to my direction and my investment in them. I give you me 

Also, you get a bonus point that I am also a veteran Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I design strength and conditioning programs to fit each individual athlete based on their fitness level and to streamline their strength program into their training plan.

I lead by example. I will be out there with you in all your trainings. I will be out there with you on the trail, on the track, the pool, I lead your strength and conditioning training classes, and I will be on a raft or at hand on your Open water swim clinics and sessions.. I will push and challenge you, and I expect you to respond positively. Our approach is based on team work, and our motto is "we don't crawl to the finish line". We train hard, and race smart. Join me.


- Master's Degree in Sports Sciences (with emphasis on corrective training/injury       prevention)


- Certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coach, IMU

-Certified Running Coach, USATF

-Certified Swim Coach, ASCA

- Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist -ACSM

- Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist- NASM

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – NSCA

- Certified PNF Stretch Specialist - ASFA