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Train alone? Think again

Updated: Feb 15

Contrary to some who think our beautiful sport is an individualistic sport, by default humans are not designed to be solitary creatures. Most of us need company for various purposes. Some of us find the social interaction that comes with training and racing to be enriching and fulfilling. The feeling of belonging to an uplifting body of social friend’s can be powerful. Others find training and racing with a group pushes them to improve and perform at a higher level. Many find training with a team or a group, especially on bike rides, tends to give us a sense of security and support, especially with all the reported dangers and accidents that come with riding a bike on roadsides that are less than ideal for cyclists! Whatever your reason, we at Strong2thefinishline support our athletes during all their trainings, whether it’s strength & conditioning, swim sessions (indoor or open water), bike rides or running. We find strength in numbers to be a factor and that why our athlete’s love it. 

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